• “ADVANCES IN NATURAL GAS SAMPLING TECHNOLOGY” Donald P. Mayeaux will submit this paper for the AFMS short course for the A+ Corporation.
  • Laboratory Auditing    Presented by Jerry Bernos, of Petroleum Analyst, Inc.
  • BTU Analysis Using A Gas Chromatograph    Presented by Joseph E. Landes, of Southern Petroleum Laboratories, Inc.
  • Spot Sampling of Natural Gas    Presented by Jerry Bernos, of Petroleum Analyst, Inc.
  • Sampling and Conditioning of Natural Gas Containing Entrained Liquids”    Presented by Donald P. Mayeaux, of A+ Corporation.
  • “Constant Pressure Sample Containers” Thomas F. Welker submitted this paper for the AFMS short course for Welker Engineering Company. Tom explains the need to maintain gas samples at the pressure it was sampled. Operation and cleaning of constant pressure cylinders is covered as well.
  • “Gas Chromatograph With Replaceable Modules Works Alone At Remote Sites,” Pipeline & Gas Industry September 1997.
  • “Gas Volume Accuracy Depends on Carefully Taken Spot Samples” March – Pipe Line & Gas Industry.
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